Weapons of Anew to Release New Album and Hit the Road With Tesla

Updated: May 4

Weapons Of Anew, the new band featuring Freddy Ordine, Ray West, Stefan "Reno" Cutrupi, Chris Manfre and Kris Norris, will release its debut recording, "The Collision Of Love And Hate", on September 15 via OK Good Records. The quintet will then hit the road with TESLA from September 19 through October 5.

"The Collision Of Love And Hate" was produced and engineered by James F. Murphy (HAVOK, NECROMANCING THE STONE, PRODUCT OF HATE), mixed by Mike Ferretti (SEVENDUST, Warren Haynes) and mastered by Ted Jensen.

"We are all super excited to have our record coming out and an amazing tour to launch the release," states an elated Freddy Ordine. "It means the world to us! We have been extremely lucky with touring and getting to open for larger established bands."

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Introducing Weapons of Anew, the Florida hard rock quintet whose lead guitarist and co-founder Freddy Ordine refers to as “a band of pirates.”