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Freddy Ordine


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Richie Hume


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Luniah Fontana


Face it, Rock ‘n’ Roll has grown stagnant, sterile, and worse of all, boring. During recent years, it has lost its sense of rebellion, danger and unpredictability. Nowadays, instead of becoming threatened, parents, religious institutions and governments merely shrug at rock music with indifference.


That is about to change!


Introducing Weapons of Anew, the Florida hard rock quintet whose lead guitarist and co-founder Freddy Ordine refers to as “a band of pirates.”


Before rolling your eyes and muttering “Give me a break,” consider what he’s saying. No, Weapons of Anew do not sing about swashbuckling or reveling on the high seas. The band’s members are musical marauders; free spirits who enjoy creating and performing together. Not afraid to musically color outside the lines, they refuse to be boxed in by any supposed rules. They are anti-heroes determined to carve their own musical niche and, despite each being accomplished in his or her own right, are not seeking an individual spotlight. “Camaraderie” is key for these rocking miscreants who share an “all for one and one for all” mentality and are looking to create music that will not only become infectious earwigs, but will also resonate for years to come.


“Since forming this band [in 2015], I’ve wanted to concentrate on hooks,” Ordine explains. “I’ve wanted to experiment with harmonies and melodies. I wanted to play music that comes naturally to each of us in this band. I’ve wanted to work on songs and then immediately record them. I’ve wanted to capture that spontaneity; that raw vibe; that fresh energy.”


The guitarist is excited about Weapons’ present and future prospects, but it was not long along that he was standing at a crossroads. Yes, the band’s 2017 debut The Collision of Love and Hate had been a success, leading to tours with Alter Bridge, Metal Allegiance, Scott Stapp and Tesla. And yes, the band’s metallic reimagining of The Chainsmokers' "Sick Boy" was a top-40 hit. Yet, Ordine felt something was not right; something was missing. He soon understood that that version of the band had run its course and difficult decisions had to be made. So the lead guitarist, along with fellow founding member and bassist, Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi, and recently acquired second guitarist K.J. Hicklin (ex-Dirty Machine and 3 By Design), headed to the re-emerging music hotbed of Tampa, Florida in search of a new front-man and drummer.


“Tampa, it’s quickly becoming the new Nashville,” explains Cutrupi. “When we saw the wealth of talent and the level that musicians work at, we knew we had found our new home.”


Ordine smiles. “As the saying goes. ‘God works in mysterious ways.’ The three of us moved down here and immediately found [singer] Richie [Hume].”


A fellow transplant [via Pennsylvania], Hume had been bouncing around the local Tampa music scene before finding kindred spirits in Weapons of Anew. The band contends that not only does he have the perfect voice to complement their music, but he is also a born front-man who possesses a stage presence that cannot be taught.


And Ordine was impressed the first time he witnessed home-grown talent Luniah Fontana performing with a local band. A mix of power and technical marvel, she is what the guitarist describes as “a more-refined version of our last drummer, who was no slouch.” Immediately after her audition her new bandmates agreed, “She’s a Weapon.”


The guitarist can no longer contain his enthusiasm. He is bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. “Everything has fallen into place. The personalities. The chemistry. The musicianship. The creative cohesion. For the first time, Weapons of Anew feels like a real band. No one is simply going through the motions. We are all in this together. We are all Weapons.”


In addition to building a reputation as a show-stealing live act, the quintet are putting the finishing touches on a new album fittingly titled Art of War. Inspired by Sun Tzu's fabled strategic manual, the disc has already spawned the hit “Angel Has Fallen” and will feature more singles before it sees the light of day.


“Another upcoming single, ‘Demons’ was me trying to lay it down and conform a bit,” the guitarist confesses. “Conformity, however, doesn’t work for me; it doesn’t work for us. Rock ‘N’ Roll is supposed to be dangerous. It is supposed to be dirty. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not about being woke. It’s about being that cool band that you want to go out and see; that you want to hang out with. We are there to do stupid shit and say crazy shit. That’s what is fun about Rock ‘N’ Roll.


These Young Turks are by no means trying to polarize hard rock and metal enthusiasts, but unite them by adding an edge, an unpredictably back to what has sorely been lacking in music for decades. Of course, the most two important elements of this threat are the musicianship and the music.


“We’re lucky,” concludes Ordine. We now have a chance to swing the bat correctly. We are releasing Art of War on a real label with real support. There are people at the label who really believe in us and we are excited to move forward. We’re excited to take our shot.”


Weapons of Anew are:

Richie Hume—Vocals

Freddy Ordine—Guitars

KJ Hicklin—Guitars

Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi—Bass

Luniah Fontana—Drums