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Freddy Ordine


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Face it, Rock ‘n’ Roll has grown stagnant, sterile and, worse of all, boring. During recent years, it has lost its sense of rebellion, danger and unpredictability. Nowadays, instead of becoming threatened, parents, religious institutions and governments merely shrug at rock music with indifference.


That is about to change!


Introducing Weapons of Anew, the Florida hard rock quintet whose lead guitarist and co-founder Freddy Ordine refers to as “a band of pirates.”


Before rolling your eyes and muttering “Give me a break,” consider what he’s saying. No, Weapons of Anew do not sing about swashbuckling or reveling on the high seas. The band’s members are musical marauders; free spirits who enjoy creating and performing together. Not afraid to musically color outside the lines, they refuse to be boxed in by any supposed rules. They are anti-heroes determined to carve their own musical niche and, despite each being accomplished in his or her own right, are not seeking an individual spotlight. “Camaraderie” is key for these rocking miscreants who share an “all for one and one for all” mentality and are looking to create music that will not only become infectious earwigs, but will also resonate for years to come.

“Since forming this band [in 2015], I’ve wanted to concentrate on hooks,” Ordine explains. “I’ve wanted to experiment with harmonies and melodies. I wanted to play music that comes naturally to each of us in this band. I’ve wanted to work on songs and then immediately record them. I’ve wanted to capture that spontaneity; that raw vibe; that fresh energy.”

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